• Psychological Evaluations
  • Consulting
  • Presentations
  • Therapy

With almost two decades of experience, Dr. Magnuson brings depth and breadth to her understanding of people and why they respond the way they do.


Dr. Magnuson is able to bring her expertise to psychological evaluations including:

  • psiAdjudicative competence
  • Criminal responsibility
  • Guardianship evaluations
  • Psychosexual evaluations
  • Violence risk assessments
  • Social Security evaluations
  • Eligibility evaluations for Developmental Disability services
  • Parental capacity evaluations

Dr. Magnuson has experience testifying to support her conclusions in: Probate Court, State Criminal Courts, Federal Criminal Courts, and State Family Courts.

Dr. Magnuson has extensive experience consulting with teams that support people with Developmental Disabilities. There she has developed an expertise in people who are dually diagnosed with Mental Illness and a Developmental Disability, Criminal Behavior (including sex offending), and people who have a Personality Disorder and Developmental Disability.