With over two decades in human services, Dr. Magnuson has developed an aptitude for understanding how people respond in a variety of different circumstances. She is able to communicate this understanding clearly through written reports, feedback sessions, and testimony.

Psychological Evaluations

Dr. Magnuson first makes sure she understands what the problem is and what questions people want answered. In this way she is able to make sure the presenting concerns are addressed and can provide a focused report. Dr. Magnuson gathers information from a variety of sources including a clinical interview, interviews with those who know the person (if appropriate), a review of records (as available) and psychological testing (as appropriate). She then synthesizes the information into a concise and readable report. Please contact Dr. Magnuson for more information on what the evaluation would entail in your specific situation.


Dr. Magnuson understands the challenges of working with people with developmental disabilities. She provides compassionate consultations to teams who are supporting people with developmental disabilities and challenging behaviors. She is able to identify issues related to mental health, and to recommend environmental modifications and training where needed. Her consultations meet the requirements for the State of Maine Regulations for the Three Person Committee. Please contact Dr. Magnuson for more information on consultations and how to arrange one.


Dr. Magnuson has presented throughout the country on a variety of issues related to Developmental Disabilities and Criminal Behavior. She has a relaxed and entertaining style and is available to present on a variety of topics. Dr. Magnuson has spoken to a wide range of groups, including direct support professionals, college students (she taught Psychology at Southern Maine Community College), graduate students (she teaches at Simmons School of Social Work), and professionals working in the field. Please contact Dr. Magnuson for more information about presentation topics and how to schedule one.


Dr. Magnuson provides therapy to those who are court ordered, or in the court process. Please contact Dr. Magnuson to see if it is a good fit for you to work together.

Guardian ad litem

Dr. Magnuson provides court ordered investigations, writes clear reports, and testifies as to the best interest of the child.